Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which tables are best for viewing all patient encounters in Best Practice (BP) and Medical Director (MD)?

Refer to the Data Dictionary for more details.

2. Is identifying cohorts using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) a complex task? 

3. Where can I learn more about electronic phenotyping? 

4. Does the Best Practice Past History table only include information collected during the first visit? 

5. How can I verify the timing of information in the Past History table? 


6. How can I extract demographic data for patients aged 40 and over in Best Practice (BP) and Medical Director (MD)? 

7. Which tables should I consider when analyzing patients with hearing loss-related visits? 

8. Are analyses generally faster using OMOP? What are the pros and cons of OMOP?

9. What does the "age at extraction" column in the Best Practice Patient's Table represent?

10. Can Best Practice and Medical Director datasets be considered independent for analysis? 

11. Is ethnicity data available for patients in the Medical Director Module?  

12. Is ethics approval required to access the data? And if so, what is the typical timeframe for approval?