Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is patient follow-up a one-time occurrence or repeated? 

2. Why is the follow-up period for survival set at 59 months (5 years)?

3. Does a 59-month survival time with a deceased marker indicate uncertainty about the exact survival duration?  

4. Why do multiple patients share a 59-month survival time? 

5. Do patients with a 59-month survival time live longer than 5 years? 

6.  Does the follow-up data include information on recurrence within the first 5 years after surgery, and if so, when is this data available?  

7. Is the classification of metachronous-synchronous based on standardized criteria within the cohort?

8.  Does Metachronous CRC only provide information on local recurrences?

9. Can we access the "Metastasis Details Table" to learn about distant metastasis information? 

10. Is detailed information on recurrence timing available (e.g., after surgery, after therapy)? 

11. Why isn't recurrence risk explicitly considered in the data? 

12. Does "probable recurrence within 5 years" mean the cancer is likely a recurrence of colorectal cancer? 

13. Can you determine if a death classified as "Vital Status - Dead" was caused by colorectal cancer?

14. Can we explore details on cancer deaths and their causes to exclude patients who died from unrelated causes? 

15. Does the sample data include the actual results of tests like CIMP, BRAF, KRAS, and MSI? What signifies an empty field (no "YES/NO")? 

16. Can there be multiple specimens from the same patient, and do they originate from different tumors? 

17. Was the dataset compiled with a focus on hereditary cancer, particularly Lynch Syndrome? How are MSI and MSS tumors distributed within the data? 

18. Were APC mutations assessed, and what is the extent of their presence in the dataset?

19. How do we determine which treatment a patient received, considering the presence of "Cancer Treatment Type,"                        "Therapy Intent," and "Therapeutic Dose Given"? 

20. Is there a systematic difference between "unknown" and "not applicable"?

21. Are microscopic slides exclusively prepared from entire tumors, or can they also originate from biopsy specimens? 

22. Does the "MSI" column represent the result of the assessment of all analyzed individual genomic loci?

  23. For certain Patient IDs, there appear to be conflicting results for "MSI Stable" and "MSI Unstable."  Is there a                                  definitive outcome for these cases? 

24. If a Patient ID has multiple corresponding images, can the MSI status be applied to all the available images? 

25. Why is there no corresponding image data for 62 patients with reported MSI status? 

26. Which scanner was used to capture MCO-CRC case images?

     27. Is it mandatory to obtain ethics approval before being granted access to the data? If so, what is the typical timeframe for acquiring such approval?