UNSW-Medicine Insight 2021 GP  Dataset

The MedicineInsight programme collects electronic health record (EHR) data from clinical information systems (CISs) from consenting general practises (GPs) who have agreed to submit data on an ongoing basis. Researchers, general practitioners, statisticians, and clinicians use the data to support observational and interventional research. The dataset itself is highly comprehensive, encompassing various categories of information, such as patient demographics, comprehensive profiles of general practitioners, clinical and pathological data, detailed medication histories, billing information, and other pertinent patient details.

 As part of the 2019-2024 NHMRC grant, UNSW obtained a data extract of a random sample of 1.2 million patients in November 2021 from the MedicineInsight program. In total, the database contains records for a substantial cohort of 1,199,298 patients across 561 general practitioner sites. This extensive and multifaceted dataset serves as an invaluable asset, driving advancements in healthcare research and quality improvement endeavors within the Australian primary care landscape and contributing to evidence-based decision-making in healthcare.

 This dataset is organized into  Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) v5.4 and stored in tables featuring a wide array of fields, ranging from coded to free-text formats in the SREDH Platform.  The OMOP-CDM includes a standard representation of health care experiences (such as information related to health care utilization and condition occurrence), as well as common vocabularies for coding clinical concepts that enable consistent application of analyses across multiple disparate data sources.  The data has undergone a rigorous deidentification process to safeguard patient privacy. This project uses only de-identified data has been approved by the University of New South Wales Human Research Ethics Committee. Additionally, access to MedicineInsight has been approved its the independent Data Governance Committee. 

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