SREDH Platform Governance

The SREDH Platform stands as a paragon of data governance, aligning itself with the stringent guidelines outlined in the UNSW Data Breach Management Procedure. This procedural framework, complemented by the UNSW Data Breach Policy, serves as the bedrock for swift and effective action in the face of suspected or actual data breaches. Within this structure, UNSW Sydney staff are equipped with clear protocols and authoritative lines of responsibility, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response to any potential data security issues.

 The SREDH Consortium, at the heart of this governance structure, plays a pivotal role. Access to the research environment is a privilege extended exclusively to approved Consortium members, and this approval is granted under the watchful eye of the data governance committee. This committee acts as the gatekeeper, meticulously vetting and approving individuals to ensure that only authorized personnel have entry to the platform.

 Once membership is secured, the journey into the research environment begins. Accounts are tailored to provide access to specific servers, a fine-tuned approach that aligns data access with the specific requirements of each project. This not only enhances security but also ensures that data is accessed only by those with a legitimate need.

 Adding an extra layer of defense, approved users are subjected to a multi-factor authentication process. This additional step in the access protocol enhances security by requiring multiple forms of verification, making unauthorized access significantly more challenging.

 In essence, the SREDH Platform's commitment to data governance is manifested through a comprehensive framework that encompasses stringent policies, meticulous access controls, and multi-factor authentication processes. This layered approach serves as a testament to the platform's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity.