SREDH Platform

The Secure Research Environment for Digital Health (SREDH) Platform is developed as part of our NHMRC project (No. GNT1192469) with additional funding from UNSW Research Technology, the Australian eResearch Organization (No. GCP19980904) and NVIDIA Foundation. The SREDH platform provides a secure research environment for developers and researchers with interoperable solutions for agile development and deployment of cross-platform digital health applications.  The platform is specifically designed to store and analyze sensitive, medical and health data to avoid any risk of reidentification. The SREDH platform is located at the Amazon Web Services data center in Sydney. 

The SREDH platform is designed in consultation with the various stakeholders, including NPS MedicineWise, NSW Health, NSW Health Pathology, Cancer Institute of New South Wales, UNSW, and multiple industry partners, to meet all the local, state, and commonwealth privacy and security legislations. The platform complies with the Privacy Act 1988, the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 No. 71, NSW Health Info Privacy Schedule 1 Health Privacy Principles, and NSW General Retention and Disposal Authority – University Records (GDA 23). The platform was formally assessed by UNSW IT, UNSW Research Technology, NPS MedicineWise and external security vendors and approved to store sensitive health and medical data, including WSIs, in June 2021. The SREDH platform has also undergone penetration testing.  The SREDH platform has also been used in several research projects where ethics were approved or ratified by the UNSW HREC. 

To date, the SREDH platform hosts one large colorectal cancer WSI dataset (MCO) and three clinical datasets (ePBRN 2019 GP, ePBRN  2019 Hospital, ePBRN 2019 GP + Hospital linked , OpenDeID Corpus Dataset and UNSW Medicine Insights 2021 GP Dataset). Since July 2021, these three datasets have been distributed to 18 research groups from seven countries, through the SREDH consortium governance structure. Currently, we have various applications developed and deployed in the SREDH platform.